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A page with pictures of Viergevers I picked up from the Internet through the years.

I've contacted some of them, sometimes through third persons, but it is amazing to see how few e-mails ever get answered.... With some I made contact, but sadly I never heard from them again.

Anyway, I would like to come into contact with any Viergever out there....

Alex Viergever.
Plays darts. Found him on a number of dart related websites.
Brad Viergever Brad Viergever (USA)
Works as an industrial real estate broker.
Cornelis Jan Viergever Cornelis Jan Viergever.
This is a picture of his father (same name) who went missing presumed dead during WWII. He came home to find his wife married to another man. He is believed to have left for Belgium.
Craig Steven Viergever Craig Steven Viergever (USA)
Director Industrial Properties.
Works with Advantis in Atlanta, Georgia
Daniel Viergever (L) Daniel Viergever (Left)
Gerald Viergever (L)
Owner of AQ Printworks, Nuriootpa, AUS.
Eduard Viergever
Jaap(Trainer).JPG (7297 bytes) Jaap Viergever Former trainer of Achilles Veen (Saturday Amateur Soccer) and trainer of the Dutch Police Soccer Team. Father of "Crocodile" Jaap
James Viergever James Viergever (USA)
No 60
See if you can spot him :-)
Position DL
Holt Senior High School - Home of the Rams
Jenny Viergever Jenny Viergever
Sitting Left
Works with JDR Cable Systems in Capelle.
Jim Viergiver Jim Viergever (USA)
Works in Gardner Animal Hospital, KS
Lisanne Viergever Lisanne Viergever
Plays Hockey in a mixed gender youth team from Waddinxveen.
One of these lovely ladies from the Mytilus team is Lisette Viergever. Would the real one please come forward?
Lotte Viergever (here Right with her sister Martine)
Marcel Viergever (Lvoor) Marcel Viergever (Sitting Left Front)
This is a "Korfbal" team.
Korfbal is a Dutch sport somewhat reminding of Basketball (Korf means Basket in Dutch) and is played with mixed gender teams.
Marcia Viergever (M) Marcia Viergever (Middle)
during her stay at the Reading University. The Student's Union Drama Society performed Cinderella in the FOLSS Theatre - 11th-12th December 2000.
Marieke Viergever
MartijnViergever Martijn Viergever
Mechanic with a Fiat Ciquecento rally team. Position on picture unsure.
Martijn Viergever (JOSKO)
Martine Viergever Martine Viergever
  Pete Viergever Pete Viergever (USA)
Service manager with Dick Scott Doge
Remco Viergever. Works at Luijtgaarden in Standdaarbuiten
Rien Viergever (2nd from Left)
Ronald Viergever
Works at SBS Rotterdam
Ronald Viergever Ronald Viergever
Wethouder (Alderman) for the PvdA (Labour Party) Nieuw-Lekkerland
Ronald Viergever   Ronald Viergever
Webmaster with Zeelandnet
Sasha Viergever Sasha Viergever (Australia)
   Stefan Viergever Stefan Viergever
Sylvia Viergever Sylvia Viergever
Cosmetics shop in Hellevoetsluis.
T. Viergever (R) Ton Viergever (Right)
Sponsor to sports event in Schoonhoven.
The only Viergever listed in Schoonhoven is Sportshop "Intersport Viergever".
Tim Viergever Tim Viergever
(kept the ball high 908 times!!)
Wolf Viergever (L) Wolf Viergever (Australia) (Left)
Son of Gerald Viergever
Also works at AQ.
Here accepts an environmental performance award for AQ from senator Hill.
Yolande Viergever

All information contained in these pages was either sent to me for publication,
or was obtained from publicly available sources, such as the Internet or telephone guides.
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