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Viergever Family Homepage

I am experiencing problems in updating this site, due to the lack of free web space Tripod provides.
I am currently looking to change to a provider that offers 150 MB in stead of  20...  :-)
Please make sure that you access this site via the redirect service in stead of the direct tripod address. In this way you will be able to access the new site without problems.

I expect the new site will be up and running later this week.

Viergever coat of arms

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Web Site set up by André Viergever of Leiden, the Netherlands.

This site provides information about:

  • The Viergever family history (complete with an all-encompassing family tree;

  • Information on that strange Viergever family name;

  • Information on the family Coat of Arms;

  • The geographic distribution, with info on migration to the USA, Canada and Australia.

  • Information on present day Viergevers world-wide. See the various Country pages and the 'Wanted' page. 

The city of Rotterdam named a street after their city architect,
who -among others- designed the Dijkzigt Hospital.

All information presented on these pages was found on the Internet (some credits provided in the links page) or was submitted with permission for publication.

Without YOU this information can never be complete!
Please share your family data:
Names, Birthdates, Family relationships as far back as possible, Professions, Confessions, Pictures, Anecdotes, etc.
I will gladly publish them.

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All information contained in these pages was either sent to me for publication,
or was obtained from publicly available sources, such as the Internet or telephone guides.
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